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If we had one word to describe XO Underground in far southwest suburban Morris, we'd have to go with "random." If we had more words, we'd call it a cross between Hot Topic and Cereality, with a concert venue and hookah bar thrown in the mix. This alternative haven is located in the non-descript Evergreen Plaza and boasts a boutique with everything from rockin' band t-shirts to hippie-cool candles to gothic ties and belts. The performance space hosts local bands of extremely varying styles, from indie rock to metal to folk, plus weekly events such as cult movie nights and poetry jams. You'll also find two hookah bars, and a cereal concessions stand stocked with Cocoa Puffs, Pop Tarts Cap'n Crunch and more. If you're feeling especially adventurous, order the psychadelic wafer -- that's a chunk of raw ramen noodles topped with Jones bubblegum soda.