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A Wilmette institution run by the Vastis family since 1974. This is a tiny little place right next to the Wilmette Theater. Brothers Nick and Bill Vastis offer friendly service and know their regulars by name. With only 13 stools, it can get pretty cozy here at times, with some folks seated to eat in and others standing while they wait for take-out orders. On the menu that's fixed to the wall: burgers, gyros, Polish sausage, pizza puffs, fries, grilled chicken breast on pita, etc. The Niki Special is named after Mom (Mrs. Vastis) and is a hamburger with gyros meat on top. The Waitress Special (actually, they don't have a waitress) is a grilled cheese sandwich with gyros meat on top. The Wilmette Chuck Wagon name is painted on a green canvas awning outside. Half the stools here face a pink laminate counter overlooking the grill (in a tony joint, they'd call this an "open kitchen") and the other half face the opposite wall. A popular spot for kids, moviegoers, families, tradesmen and folks who work in the area.