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The second location to the original Westminster Hot Dog on Washington opened in early summer 2012. And the new shop might stump regulars who are used to the original's counter service, no-frills set up. Close to the United Center on Madison's West Loop strip, it has a dining room with plenty of seating and is also open for dinner. It brings the same menu, an ambitious list of encased and handmade sausages up for grabs. Yes, there are Chicago-style Vienna Beef hot dogs, but more tantalizing are specialty sausages such as the apple chicken with honey Dijon and smoked gouda, or the Chorizo--all pork sausage ground with oregano, red wine and paprika to pack a punch. Get fancy with the Steak Fromage or Duck Foie Gras sausages or keep it traditional with an Italian or Polish. Choose from crinkle cut fries or homemade chili as a side.