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Chicago-based chocolatier Katrina Markoff, founder of Vosges-Haut-Chocolat (it's pronounced vo-hj) has opened another location in Lincoln Park. This store has some twists the others don't, like an ice cream dipping station, Japanese "wish trees" (you write your wish on a piece of paper and tie it on the trees), and arches painted with purple cocoa pods. There also is a retail area featuring wearable Vosges products, candles, yoga mats and exotic trinkets Markoff has picked up during her extensive travels. This area doubles as a yoga room for the "yoga+chocolate experience," which will be offered every six weeks (call for details), and will be led by Markoff and David Romanelli of Yeah Dave Yoga (yes, you get truffles in class). If you're not into group yoga, go for the Vosges yoga+chocolate boxed set -- it has seven truffles to represent the seven chakras and it comes with a guidebook of yoga poses for home use.

Other edible fare here includes Markoff-made exotic ice creams, like red fire chocolate and curry and coconut, in addition to truffles like ginger and wasabi, sweet Indian curry and sweet Hungarian paprika. Beverages include high-end chocolate drinks, milkshakes and premium coffees, like cappuccino amped with a truffle.