Victory Gardens Biograph Theater

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Victory Gardens Theater converted the historic Biograph into a new 299-seat mainstage theater, which opened in September 2006. The space vacated by Victory Gardens (2257 N. Lincoln Ave.) now goes by The Greenhouse Theater Center and houses resident companies Eclipse, MPAACT, Remy Bumppo Theatre, Teatro Vista and Shattered Globe. The Biograph itself is most famous not for what happened inside, but outside. Notorious criminal John Dillinger was killed in 1934 by the FBI outside, where he had just seen a screening of "Manhattan Melodrama." Designed by architect Samuel N. Cowen, the theater originally opened in 1914 as was one of at least four movie houses built in Chicago in the 1910s. D.W. Griffith premiered "Birth of a Nation" here. The theater was rehabbed in the 1970's to create a four-screen multiplex, destroying it's original decor. The theater is said to be haunted and many have claimed they have seen apparitions and felt cold spots inside the theater.