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As its name implies, the Twisted Spoke is a bar/restaurant with a hard-driving biker motif. But you don't need to drive a Harley to enjoy this eatery. In fact, the crowd is a diverse mix of yuppies, artists and harmless bikers. Co-owners and brothers Cliff and Mitch Einhorn started the Spoke as a "family biker bar" in 1995, although you probably won't see many toddlers running around. The sign on the corner of Ogden and Grand is topped with a human skeleton riding a vintage bike, which may scare off some families, but not motorcycle fans. Inside, the walls of the narrow space are adorned with antique bike parts and accessories. Eclectic background music ranges from country to punk to R&B. The food is made fresh-to-order. Popular items include Fat Boy burgers and bloody marys, which come with a beer back and hearty garnish. An impressive whiskey and bourbon�selection includes Jim Beam on tap.