Tu Do' (aka Tudo Restaurant Cafe)

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Tu Do' (too yoh) means "freedom" in Vietnamese. Kosher Vietnamese and Thai food served here by Vietnamese chef/co-owner Sandy Phan. It's a place for a leisurely meal, as ingredients are chopped and prepared for each order. Diners on a deadline may phone in their orders ahead of time. Glatt and lubavich kosher meats served. This is a non-dairy restaurant. No MSG. Small private dining rooms (one table) with drop-down matchstick blinds for extra privacy are said to be popular for business meetings (or perhaps for romance?). Each private room has a dimmer switch and call-for-service switch. Candlelight in the evening. Vanilla, coconut and chocolate non-dairy ice creams. The vanilla ice cream is made here. Homemade soups from scratch. Lunch specials. Open Christmas day and Thanksgiving day unless it falls on a Jewish holiday or the sabbath.