Tre Kronor

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This North Park spot is owned by Larry Anderson, who is of Swedish descent, and his wife Patty Rasmussen, who is of Norwegian descent. The restaurant is a family affair with a number of relatives on staff. The menu for dinner changes all the time, but diners can count on regular-sized sandwiches, small smorgasbord sandwiches, pickled herring, potatiskorv (potato sausage), falukorv (literally, veal sausage, but now made with beef and pork) and gravlax (cured, unsmoked salmon). The breakfast menu includes Danish pastry, omelets, French toast and Swedish pancakes with lingonberries. Tre Kronor has an authentic, comfortable European feel with wooden floors, a troll mural on the wall and white lace curtains on the windows. The counter is in a nook with a wooden cottage roof, a candle chandelier and wassau bread hanging from the roof, just as it used to be hung in Swedish homes. In the evening the lights are turned down, candles are lighted and fresh flowers are put on the tables.