Three Dots and a Dash

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Paul McGee, mixologist extraordinaire (The Whistler, RPM Italian), is behind this new River North tiki bar. The name is taken from an old cocktail, the drinks will be be modern takes on classic tiki drinks, evoking sun and surf even in the chillier months in the city. The menu is the size of a newspaper, and it has pictures, which makes group decision-making easier. You'll have your choice of three punches ($50-$385, serving between three and 12 people), the most expensive of which arrives in a dry ice-filled treasure chest with a bottle of Dom Perignon. Three Dots' small food menu isn't an afterthought. Fresh-from-the-fryer crab rangoon envelopes ($11) shatter upon biting and reveal a creamy, not-too-fishy crustacean filling, and the pork belly buns ($14) are served between miniature, slightly sweet Hawaiian rolls. Coconut shrimp ($13) arrive as piping hot curlicues primed for dipping in one of the four sauces. the scene is campy, with raffia, lanterns and servers in Hawaiian-print maxi dresses.