The Woodshop Art Gallery

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Once you enter the Woodshop Art Gallery, you're immersed in the full collection of paintings that fill up the 2,000 square feet. It's all here and in ample supply: custom contemporary furniture and designs by African -American artists, a complete framing service and even furniture repair. The Woodshop Art Gallery also features Haitian art, limited editions, reproductions, photographs, sculptures and masks. With more than 25 years of credibility, it is fitting that the works of such noted artists as Margaret Burroughs, Jacob Lawrence and a host of others have been featured here. The prices are reasonable. The smaller portraits, those that are approximately 4 by 6 inches, cost on average about $30. Larger portraits start at approximately $150. In the lower area of this plush, handsome showcase, along with more portraits, is a collection of small figurines. A full color, 78-page category is available for customer use, as is mail order and shipping. The Woodshop Art Gallery welcomes tour groups, and also allows local artists groups to present their own works. Complete custom framing service is available; custom cabinetry, also.