The Pepper Canister

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This River North pub's moniker is borrowed from St. Stephen's Church, nicknamed the Pepper Canister, a social and cultural neighborhood haunt in Temple Bar, Dublin. Keeping the theme, the room features photos of churches, church-like arches and oversized red votive candles. The religious theme is played right down to its back booth, a 10-seater called The Confessional. Other groups can plop down at a long, skinny table in the middle of the bar that's large enough for you and your 20 friends to chow on appetizers like "The Devil's Calamari" (lightly breaded, with red chili pepper and white wine dipping sauce) and "Martyr's Dip" (oven-roasted asparagus, broccoli and tomato with goat cheese and a toasted baguette. "Ecclesiastic Entrees" offer Irish favorites like fish and chips, and steak and Guinness pie. The bar features a custom-made draft beer system, with eight ice-cold brews on tap.