The Morton Arboretum

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The Morton Arboretum is a tree museum, featuring 3,700 kinds of trees, shrubs and plants that grow on the 1,700-acre site. Special areas include the interactive Children's Garden; the Illinois Tree Trails' woodlands, meadows and marshes; an area with sugar maples (colorful in the fall); a crabapple orchard (splendid when the trees are in full bloom); and a prairie with tall grasses and flowers that blossom in summer and fall. The arboretum also features trees from other countries. Most of the 13 miles of trails are covered with wood chips, so they are not stroller-friendly. You can see the landscape by car along nine miles of one-way roads or take a guided tram tour. Full meals are available in the Ginkgo Restaurant; sandwiches, soups and snacks are served in the coffee shop; a picnic area is located in the Children's Garden, near a small lake. Biking is allowed year-round, weather permitting. No motorcycles allowed. The Arboretum is on Illinois Route 53 and Interstate 88 (East-West Tollway) in Lisle.