The Matchbox

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The Matchbox calls itself "Chicago's Most Intimate Bar." That doesn't mean it's romantic; the West Town building's confines (three feet wide at its narrowest, about 10 feet at its widest) make the trip from the front door to the restroom on a busy night quite the challenge. Sit down inside and you could be wedged next to a Bohemian, a yuppie, an artist, a truck driver, an architect or a public defender. The Matchbox draws a hodgepodge of "mature" folks that come to hobnob. People who feel a tad claustrophobic may go outdoors to the tables and chairs on the sidewalk fronting Odgen Avenue.

For such a small place, it has a wide variety of liquor and beer, unusual tequilas, 30 wines, single-malt bourbons and small-batch whiskeys. Handmade cocktails featuring house-infused spirits are not to be missed.