The Martini Bar

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An after-work oasis located on a hidden stretch of road across from the Chicago Board of Trade, this martini bar draws a heavy happy-hour crowd from around the Financial District. The old-timey interior -- complete with a checkered floor, imposing wood-carved fireplace and a well-appointed lounge boasting a martini mural -- is normally brimming with traders, shirt-sleeves rolled up and collars unbuttoned, drinking away their stressful day. It's the perfect setting for some David Mamet-style dialogue. The house specialty is the martini list, an array of 30 potent libations ranging from your standard cloudy, olive-infused dirty to the Snickertini, served with a miniature Snicker bar garnish. In addition, the bar offers an array of domestic and imported beers, wine and plenty of top-shelf spirits. Look for the blue sign hanging outside. It's closed often on weekends for private parties.