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The owners of Manor and Stout Barrel House & Galley are behind this Gold Coast bar and eatery in the former Cactus and Melvin B's spaces (including their iconic patios) in the historic Cedar Hotel building on State Street. With awnings for shade, four TVs and 150-plus of those requisite Viagra Triangle wicker chairs, there's no question the large, tree-shaded patio is the main attraction when the weather's warm. But unlike the rough-around-the-edges former hangs at this address, you might actually still want to hang out here during the winter. A gut-rehab has transformed the entire space (save for Mel B's original multi-colored tile floor) with buttery leather barstools and cedar planks lining the walls nearly everywhere you look. Spiked punches, teas and lemonades come in the form of 16- or 24-ounce plastic cups, while bar snacks range from soft pretzels and popcorn chicken to burgers and fish tacos.