Sweet Ride Mobile Bakery

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You can't miss this old-school pink ice cream truck with orange flames emblazoned on the side, and you'll be thankful for that when you taste its lineup handmade gourmet sweets: cupcakes, sweetie pies, puddings, chocolate mousse and other desserts. The truck makes its way around the city on weekends serving up signature whoopie pies that come in cleverly-named flavors such as "Whoop It Good" with Belgian dark chocolate cookies with delicate marshmallow frosting. You'll also find three-piece mini cupcake sets up for grabs, with an assortment of flavors including delicate lemon cake (with lemon cream cheese frosting) or carrot (with freshly-grated carrot, coconut, raisins, pineapple and walnuts and cream cheese frosting). In colders months, hot drinks such as cinnamon spiced hot cocoa are on offer, with plans for cold drinks in the summer and eventually coffee. And, of course, individual-sized milk jugs to wash it all down.

Track the truck's location on its Twitter page.