Superdawg Drive-In

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You'll see the larger-than-life girl and boy hot dogs manning the top of Superdawg Drive-In long before you get there. A colorful neighborhood favorite, Superdawg is a throwback to the 1950s when car-hops actually brought your burgers and shakes out to the car. "That's still how we do it,'' said manager Ramiro Barrera. "You order from your car and the car-hop brings out your food.'' You can't get a regular-sized hot dog here. Only Superdawgs, which are bigger than regular dogs and loaded with the trimmings. A Superdawg and the fixings is $3.25. A Whoopercheesie double cheese burger and fries is $4.95. Other specialties include shakes, malts, black cows, onion chips, and super veggies. The restaurant is walk in and take-out; a few picnic tables outside. Most diners eat in their car.