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Kee Chan (of Lure Izakaya Pub) serves up beloved noodle dishes at this Ramen-only Chinatown shop. The simple menu consists of four to eight different types of ramen plus a handful of appetizers. Appetizers range from $4 to $6, and the ramen will be $8 to $15. The basic ramen types offered include shio, a thick straight noodle with a clear broth; tonkotsu, a thin straight noodle in a creamy broth topped with duck breast or foie gras; shoyu, a curly noodle topped with seaweed or scallions and miso, a thick curly noodle with a broth made of miso paste and topped with lobster, shrimp, scallops or sea urchin. Strings Ramen Shop seats 30 to 35 people--and perhaps more next summer with the possible introduction of outdoor seating.