Sticky Rice

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This cheery North Center storefront features plenty of Thai standards like egg rolls, tom yum soup, curry dishes and pad Thai, but also features Northern Thai dishes you might not find elsewhere. Owner Kritsana Moungkeow even makes her own spicy Northern Thai sausage on-site, with ground pork, pork skins, herbs and red curry paste. Other choices include the spicy Northern Thai larb, ground pork and intestines stir-fried with scallions, garlic and mint; kow soy, a curry-and-coconut milk soup with egg noodles, pickled cabbage and choice of chicken or beef. More adventurous diners might opt for the khai jiaw khai mod, omelets stuffed with ant eggs, or the ka nom jeen num ngiaw, pork and cubed pork blood curry with rice vermicelli. Desserts include options like mor kang, a Thai-style custard and khao neaw durian, sweet sticky rice with rich Malaysian durian fruit in coconut milk.