Spoon Thai Restaurant

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The decor in this tiny Lincoln Square storefront is very simple -- the well-lit room boasts just a few banquettes and tables with minimal Thai artifacts. The menu though, is not-so-simple. The standard English menu offers classics like panang curry, pad Thai and curried fried rice, plus a few unusual items like kanom buang yuan, a thin omelet stuffed with shredded coconut, shrimp, bean sprouts, and tofu and served with a cucumber salad – but adventurous diners can ask for the translated Thai-language "secret" menu for a whole new set of choices. The extensive menu includes many off-the-beaten-path authentic dishes that Thai-aficionados will appreciate like haw mok, a curried catfish custard steamed in banana leaf cups, the mien cam, romaine lettuce topped with dried shrimp, fresh ginger, lime, onion, cilantro and toasted coconut with sweet shrimp paste sauce, or the northern Thai pork sausage balls served with fresh ginger, carrots and peanuts.