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Picture this: you're craving Thai food and your significant other has their mind set on a roast beef sandwich. Don't fight just yet - thanks to Soulwich, an Asian sandwich shop, you can find the perfect dining balance. The sandwiches cover a variety of different Asian ethnic groups, such as the Burmese Coconut Curry, the Singapore Tikka or the Thai Grilled. Each sandwich comes served on a locally made bun with pickled carrots, cilantro and chili aioli and you get to choose between homemade chips or slaw on the side. We recommend trying both. Cutting back on carbs? The sandwich joint also offers a handful of fresh tossed salads that will blow you away, such as the Wasabi Chicken Caesar with edamame, tomatoes, carrots and lemon and cilantro rice. Though most sandwiches come with meat, there are also vegan options available.