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Surprise, surprise, Small Bar isn't very large. But the tiny bar that could features a monstrous beer selection (120 varieties) and a menu worth looking into. It's also a soccer bar, and a game from some part of the globe is always on the televisions. The English Premiere League is especially popular, and Saturday morning matches are routinely accompanied by Guinness and eggs (but not the Anglophile bric-a-brac). Modest decorations include original artwork and soccer scarves. Fire players occasionally sign autographs at Small Bar, and shuttle buses leave here for some home games. Bands play once or twice a month. Beer lovers might try the beer club, valid Sundays through Thursdays. Bartenders keep your card on file, scratching off each new brew you try. Drink 50 different beers and win a prize. Popular eats are the hand-dipped cheese curds and the six kinds of salads . Brunch here weekends for about $7 a plate. Those uninterested in soccer need not worry--the sport doesn't overwhelm the bar. The yellow paint job, however, almost does.