Sluggers Sports Bar & Dueling Pianos

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Sluggers is the neighborhood sports bar on steroids. In addition to a video layout that feels like every customer has his or her own TV screen (our scouts kept losing count), there are two big screens up front. The satellite array rivals NASA. Test your skill against 90 m.p.h. pitches in a batting cage at Sluggers. Is it easier or harder after a few beers? The upstairs batting cages approximate both softball and baseball pitches; there's also mini-bowling, Pop-a-Shot and high-ball (a basketball-type game played on a trampoline). Dining-wise, Sluggers offers a full bar food menu of salads, burgers, wings and pizza.

In an addition to the upstairs, Sluggers added dueling pianos, which light up the neighborhood every Friday and Saturday night (as well as after most Cubs home games). Also catch the dueling pianos for no cover on the main floor Thursday nights (10 p.m.). Musicians from across the country, in addition to a talented group of regulars, pair up to put on an interactive show where every song request is fair game. Guests are encouraged to sing along, drink and even dance on the pianos. The laid-back environment is perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties and other special party events.