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Tucked behind an old factory, Rocks Lincoln Park isn't the easiest bar to find, and perhaps it shouldn't be. Catering to its cozy nook of Lincoln Park, this is a bar that should be walked to, for either a post-work swig or an after-dinner pint. Arrive to an upwardly mobile crowd, dressed biz to biz-caz-fri. From every bar stool and table, you can watch one of six TVs always playing sports; the ESPN challenged will have to escape to the pretty outdoor patio, weather permitting. Imports and microbeers flourish, and finicky wine drinkers should find a suitable vintage. Belts of booze served in a heavy glass come with what owner George Manta called Rocks' signature schtick--one large, perfect cube of ice. Whether or not the ice chunk will break your nose on the final gulp has yet to be determined. Besides a rich drink selection, Rocks serves many salads, sandwiches--including veggie burgers--and a host of appetizers with cheese. Entrees are two: Hickory Steak ($20) and Lobster Ravioli ($14). Desserts include a deep-fried Snickers bar ($5), served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. In the end, Rocks, with its soft designer lighting, "olde-timey" tin beer signs and microbrews, may not be an original. But it's also not a bad place to meet friends for a drink.