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Riva gives seafood a split personality on Navy Pier. Downstairs is a casual bar and restaurant; upstairs is a more elegant, white tablecloth affair--the closest thing to fine dining on Navy Pier. Seafood is brought in fresh daily, and many visiting celebrities make their way upstairs to enjoy the menu (a collection of autographed dinner plates adorns the dining room.) Upstairs, the decor preserves the seafaring motif without going into Red Lobster excess; at the top of the staircase, an antique salvage-diving pressure suit greets guests. The walls are essentially floor-to-ceiling windows, giving everyone an excellent view of the city and lake. Also noteworthy are the two porcelain sinks in the center of the dining room; for fingers that get sticky from cracking shells and dunking the contents in butter, a quick rinse is just steps away. Downstairs is ideal for straight-ahead family fare.