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This Edgewater eatery takes its name from the highest mountain in Ethiopia, located in the Amhara region's Semien Mountains National Park. Chef Zenash Beyene, who hails from Amhara, offers the best of the area's home-style fare. All dishes are served communally on large round trays covered with injera, a spongy sourdough bread. Choose from entrees such as mesir wat, pureed red lentils in spicy berber sauce, yebeg tibs, lamb cooked with onions, green pepper and Ethiopian spices and kitfo tere, beef tartar seasoned with spiced butter and a red pepper blend. Don't worry about the lack of utensils--this food is meant to be eaten with your hands. After dinner, order a jebena (traditional clay coffee pot) for two of organic, fair-trade Ethiopian coffee, or take a pound of beans home with you-they're roasted in house. The scene here is casual, with a mixture of dark wood tables and mesabs (woven hour-glass-shaped tables), tapestries and paintings.