Pollo Volador

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Colombian-style roasted chicken, or pollo a la brasa, is the specialty of the house at this affordable and appropriately named Albany Park BYOB. Pollo volador means "flying chicken" in English, and there aren't many spots in town that do roasted chicken as well. The mesquite-roasted birds, prepared according to an old family recipe, are unusually juicy, with smoky, flavorful meat. Order whole, half or quarter chickens, all served with a bright green chimmichurri-style sauce. Depending on which combo you choose, you'll also get some combination of sides such as white rice, boiled or fried potatoes, pinto beans, plantains and arepas (corn cakes). Non-poultry options include char-grilled steaks, a handful of seafood dishes and tasy sides such as arepas and empanadas. The bright storefront space is sparsely decorated, with stark tile floors and few nods to decoration, but not at all uninviting.