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This Guatemalan-based family dining restaurant chain (which has partnered up Levy Family Partners, an investment arm of Chicago restaurateur Larry Levy) has opened a second Chicago Pollo Campero location in Albany Park.

The name roughly translates to "country chicken," and that's the house specialty. Although there is speculation on the ingredients in the marinade and seasoned flour Pollo uses, they are so serious about keeping the recipe a secret only the company that blends the seasoning and a few corporate honchos know the mix. They would tell us how they make it though – the fresh chicken is marinated, then dipped in seasoned flour and allowed to "rest" for about an hour, then they fry it in a pressurized deep fryer. Other choices include burritos and a Latin chicken salad. Side dishes include Latin-flaired choices like pinto beans amped with bacon and cilantro. South-of the-border beverages include horchata and tamarindo.