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This traditional Indian juice and snack bar on Devon Avenue offers exotic juices and juice blends, Indian ice cream, chat, and dessert items flown in direct from India. The owners, who also own a grocery store chain with more than 30 U.S. locations, use local produce when possible in their fresh creations, which include kulfi, a frozen milk-based Indian dessert; yogurt-based lassis; shots of carrot juice; and milkshakes made with sugarcane juice. New on the scene is the chaat -- Indian-style street food. For under $5, you'll get a plate full of Indian-spiced fried potatoes in a samosa-like bites, covered in sweet sauce, hot sauce, onions or tomatoes. In the warmer heat, the retractable doors and windows let the summer heat come in, and in the winter it's set up to serve a hot cup of chai quickly. But regardless of the month, there's not a lot of seating here -- it's more of a grab-and-go spot for people on the move.