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This Euro-style Lakeview cheese and gourmet store offers over 130 international and domestic cheese choices, mostly from artisanal producers. Other gourmet goodies include freshly baked baguettes and French country breads made by Bennison's Bakeries Olympian breadmaker Jory Downer (Downer's team won the 2005 Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie in Paris, a breadmaking competition that is compared to the Olympics), plus dried sausages, pates and an olive bar. The owners have also signed on Jan Henrichsen as wine director formerly of Bin 36, and Daniel Sirko formerly of Fox & Obel Food Market as culinary director, and are only hiring culinary school grads as staffers. The focus will be on the cheese and other farmstead foodstuffs; the 40 or so wine offerings will be chosen based on food compatibility. Pastoral offers a cheese of the month club; purchase a membership for three-nine months and get two new selections each month.