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At the end of the neon rainbow, below the Spanish tile roof and inside the art deco-style beige building, you won't find a pot of gold. But you will find a historic treasure and some tasty treats at one of the South Side's oldest attractions. Rainbow's founder, Joseph Sapp, was an orphan who used to dream of getting more than one flavor of ice cream on the spoon for his 1 cent investment. So when he grew up, he invented the five-flavor Rainbow Cone, which features chocolate, pistachio, strawberry and Palmer House (a cherry-nut blend) ice creams, as well as a layer of orange sherbet. More than 80 years after he invented this delight, families still flock from miles around every summer to enjoy the cool concoction at its original site. In addition to the heavy Rainbow Cone traffic, the shop offers shakes, sundaes, floats and some of the best draft root beer this side of an A & W stand. Owner Lynn Sapp, granddaughter of the establishment's founder, also offers year-round ice cream catering service for parties and weddings, including a variety of ice-cream cakes.