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"It's called St. Andrew's because my boss is a big golf fan, and he tries to visit St. Andrew's golf course in Scotland every year," said bartender Margaret Dillard, who hails from Glasgow. The golf theme is everywhere: on the wall, which is hung with black and white photos from St. Andrew's, in a glass case that displays clubs and balls used on the world's oldest course, and often on one of the bar's TVs. In another very British touch, the Edgewater tavern is reputedly haunted --by the ghost of an old owner named Frank. A local ghost tour stops at the Ole St. Andrew's to experience the specter. "People come in on the ghost tours, and they say they feel a cold draft," Dillard said. A genuine draft? "They say that things move and disappear." What disappears? "The vodka. Frank was a big vodka drinker."