Ola's Liquors

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When stopping in at Ola's Liquors for a six-pack, it's worth ordering a bottle and spending some time on one of the central barstools, which affords you a good look at what's behind the bar. Instead of glassware and bottles ready for pouring, rows and rows of bottles are stocked with military perfection. These are the Ukrainian Village liquor store's shelves! Fluorescent tubes keep the selections well-lit while white cardboard tags in a European hand give the prices. Yep, three kinds of cherry brandy in three convenient sizes and oh, so much more. If you're looking for beer to go, a self-serve cooler just inside the door holds the American standards and some Polish brews; signage is in English and Polish. Don't let the liquor-store format of this place scare you off. There may or may not be toilet paper in the bathrooms on your visit, but there's a communal sink that's stocked with paper towels.