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alking into the first-ever, brand new Nutella Cafe on Michigan Avenue is like walking into a jar of Nutella itself. The warm, creamy white color of the walls is complemented by the dripping Nutella-colored embellishments on the ceiling, accented by hanging lights in the shape of flowers of the hazelnut plant. Everything in the cafe is inspired by a jar of the chocolate and hazelnut goodness. Red accents evoke the feeling of dipping a spoon into a freshly opened jar, the bright red "Nutella" logo staring at you in the face.  The ground floor of the restaurant has an open floor plan with communal tables and smaller cafe-style seating for pairs of people to sit and talk over the many options, ranging from sweet to savory. Not every item on the menu includes Nutella, but everything is inspired by the origins of it. There is no shortage of items including Nutella that will satisfy even the most stubborn sweet tooth. The Nutella croissant is a perfect starting point for anyone new to the Nutella craze. More experienced Nutella fans will relish in the liege waffle topped with warm apple compote and hazelnuts then doused in Nutella.Also on offer will be various gelato flavors that can be added to any sweet Nutella dish on the menu or eaten alone—with the option to top each scoop with its own Nutella drizzle.