Nikko Japanese Restaurant

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Adventurous? Take a walk on the wide side at this Japanese and Korean restaurant where you can slurp down live octopus. The entire octopus comes chopped but still squirming; be warned, however: You must dip its tentacles into sesame oil before gnawing down or risk choking (no joke.) Been there, done that? Nikko's probably the only place around serving live sea squirt, a sea animal with orange meat, and live sea cucumber.
Faint-hearted folk can opt for the usual Japanese fare, cooked or raw, and Korean favorites. Of the more than 70 kinds of maki on the menu, standouts are the Red Dragon (soft shell crab topped with spicy tuna) and head-turning Viagra (the name comes from the fresh ginseng it's made with.) Korean dishes like pulgogi (thin slices of marinated steak) are always safe choices.