Neo-Futurist Theater

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This small theater touts its performances as a "fusion of sport, poetry, and living-newspaper." Shows range from naturalistic portraits ("Jobey and Katherine") to existential confessions ("Quadruped"). Seats are intimate, acoustics OK. Running since 1989, "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind" is the theater's signature show and one of the longest-running shows in Chicago. A one-hour blitz of 30 extremely brief plays, it changes every week as ensemble members add new plays. The whole show turns over about once a month. While waiting for the show to begin, audience members can tour the Neo-Futurarium's Hall of Presidents, a gallery of modernist paintings of our 42 chief executives. Eisenhower is demonic-looking; Kennedy is an angel who carries a football and proclaims, "Ich bin ein deity." The sprawling theater, which was once a former labor union headquarters, also rents to other companies and offers a Neo Mondo Solo series featuring bold performance artists.