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Deemed "just a bar" by owners William Duncan and Dustin Drankiewicz, Moneygun is simply that: a bar in the middle of a food-driven neighborhood. A light outside indicates whether the establishment is open, closed or at capacity. The bar seats around 50 patrons and is often standing room only. With shallow ceilings, dark wooden booths and navy blue walls, it’s a sexy little low-lit hole in the wall that feels timeless. The space captures all the best qualities of seedy, unpolished bars of decades past—simple drinks, questionable lighting and a welcome environment where both the buttoned-up and the undignified are free to coexist. The cocktail menu is displayed on a mirrored wall that stretches nearly the length of the room and features around 30 classics. Moneygun also offers 20-some beers, including pours from Logan Square’s Hopewell Brewing Co. and lite beer from Miller.  Food items include the foie gras grand slam ($18-$38)—complete with pancakes, candied bacon powder, maple braised apples and whipped eggs. The Kentucky fried quail is served with mac ’n’ cheese, braised greens and buttermilk biscuits with black pepper gravy.  Moneygun and adjoining restaurant Saint Lou's Assembly share a back patio and offers a bocce ball court.