Mitsuwa Marketplace

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If you've ever been to Hong Kong, you may have a deja vu experience when you enter the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights. Mitsuwa (formerly Yaohan Plaza) is a full-service grocery, food court and flea market. Mitsuwa also features a magazine, newspaper and book store, video rentals, a liquor store with domestic, Japanese and Chinese beers and liquors, plus a Japanese travel agency, trinket shops and clothing store. You'll find an impressive sushi collection at affordable prices -- 11 California rolls for $5.95 or 18 Tekka Maki rolls for $5.45 and even full Japanese dinners to go. The enormous grocery store features giant radishes, fresh clams, octopus and squid. The food court offers tempura, sushi, hot noodle and soup dishes and bakery fare.