Maki Sushi

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This sushi restaurant is located in Park Ridge, but given its fashionable art deco decor, exposed brick walls and wood floors, it could just as well be downtown Chicago or New York. Standouts include the tempura shrimp-stuffed dragon roll, crazy crunch roll with tuna, salmon, yellow tail, cucumber, avocado, spicy ginger, tempura, and red tobiko on the outside, and the godzilla roll with spicy mayo, red, black orange and green tobiko, tempura shrimp, unagi, cucumber, tempura crunchies, avocado, and unagi sauce. Those not in the mood for sushi can indulge in a wide array of not-very-Japanese-sounding specials ($15-$23 with soup or salad), including a grilled NY strip steak with teriyaki sauce and fresh vegetables with miso soup and rice and a tempura entree with shrimp and vegetable tempura served with homemade dipping sauce . A special children's sushi platter features mostly cooked rolls and a few small pieces of raw fish. The restaurant also has over 25 different martini specials and a wine cellar and lounge downstairs.