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Hello, Lowcountry, a seafood-in-a-bag picnic with quality cocktails, karaoke and beer pong. Check your clean hands at the door, and grab a bib. You’ll need it as this is a silverware free dining area. Rows of picnic tables covered in brown paper (for easy cleanup) provide a particularly inviting atmosphere. The room is bright with white and nautical blue paneled walls; one is covered in moss, and another features a mural of crustacean creatures entangled in a fisherman’s line amidst some turbulent waves. Wooden fishing bobbers and glass fishing floats-turned-terrariums are suspended from the ceiling. The menu is written on chalkboard paint on both sides of the restaurant, and two horse troughs in the center of the room serve as hand-washing stations. Diners can order on paper menus at each table. First, mark how many pounds of protein you want. Boil offerings include shrimp (head on or off), snow crab legs, king crab legs, clams and mussels, as well as dungeness crab, lobster and crawfish if they're in season.