Lost Lake

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Paul McGee brings a new tiki bar to the border of Avondale and Logan Square in January 2015, featuring a rotating menu of 16 drinks, much like the ones featured at his River North tiki spot, Three Dots and a Dash. Expect creative garnishes, some custom tiki glassware and a few frozen drinks. One specific drink he expects to include on the opening menu is the scotch-based Coconut Grove Cooler made with passionfruit, pomegranate, pineapple and lemon juices, inspired by a cocktail served at the former Ambassador Hotel in L.A. “We won’t have a $400 treasure chest,” McGee said, adding he estimates a $12 price point for individual tiki drinks and $25-$40 range for drinks serving groups of four to six. Fans of McGee’s wallet-friendly drinks from The Whistler will appreciate that an $8 daiquiri always will be available, he said.  A dozen of the menu’s tiki drinks will be individual servings, while the remaining four will be shareable—but not as large or extravagant as the ones Three Dots has become known for. Food service at Lost Lake will be provided by adjacent Chinese takeout-inspired restaurant Thank You, headed up by executive chef Gabriel Freeman, who has worked at Mott St, Ruxbin and The Publican. The name is a nod to the generic message often printed on Chinese takeout bags.