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This neighborhood spot is named for Logan Square's iconic eagle statue and its creator, Evelyn Longman. The concept? A modern version of a traditional Chicago inn, the kind of community-centric hub where you go in the morning to get your cup of coffee and neighborhood news and return in the evening for a pint, says Empty Bottle's Bruce Finkelman, who runs the place with co-owners Peter Toalson (also of Empty Bottle), Mode Carpentry's Robert McAdams and local designer Cody Hudson of Struggle, Inc. Since lodging is essential to the inn concept, a half-dozen hotel rooms on the second floor will debut in early December. A dinner menu dreamed up by chef Jared Wentworth features bar snacks such as kobe meatballs and chickpea fries with harissa ketchup, easing into super-seasonal entrees such as pumpkin risotto with pork belly confit and apples. As the night goes on, the music turns up and the tables get pushed back to make way for locals downing whiskey shots and sipping craft beer and classic-with-a-twist cocktails.