Little Unicoco

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Named after a famous Nigerian Hotel, owner Obi Nwazota has opened a restaurant to bring the taste of Nigeria to Chicago. The menu is split into sections called “small chops,” or finger and street foods, and “large chops,” more substantial entree-size portions made up of soups and stews. Suya, a tender flank steak cut thin like jerky is dried in the hot African sun, but at Unicoco, they grill it to order and sprinkle it with a mix of peanuts, chili and a blend of herbs and spices called yaji. The crispy crusted spiced beef is draped over a bed of raw tomatoes and onion and wrapped in newspaper-printed paper, much like British fish and chips. Suya is reminiscent of a great late-night Greek gyro without the pita. There’s a wide assortment of cocktails, wine and beer on offer, non-alcoholic options such as Schweppes bitter lemon soda and Malta Guinness, which drinks like Coca-Cola infused with molasses and yeast, are fabulous whistle-wetters you must try.