Liar's Club

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The crowd that frequents the Liar's Club has a bit more of an edge to it than your typical Lincoln Park bar. Weeknights, the bartenders serve drinks to a group of steel-livered regulars whose hobbies center on the disfigurement of their bodies. On weekends, the crowd is still offbeat but trends more toward the mainstream. No matter what the night, the crowd doesn't take itself too seriously and the Liar's Club can be a lot of fun -- especially for those in the mood for some hard dancing as well as hard drinking. For dancing, there's a compact dance floor in the back with a mirror ball plus pulsating light strips sunk into the floor. Within the dance floor's tight confines, the patrons move to 'the best of the '70s, '80s and '90s depending on the night and the DJ. There's also an upstairs room open Wed.-Sat. to relieve the overcrowding with plenty of couch space for lounging , as well as a pool table. Adding to the club's offbeat charm are quirky touches -- like the rotating lamp behind the downstairs bar that showcases couples engaged in acts that could get them arrested in several Southeastern states and a plethora of Kiss and Elvis memorabilia. Because of its location far from any main thoroughfare, it can be a bit of a buzz-kill waiting for a taxi or a bus after you've shut the place down.