Las Fuentes

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Though there are Tepatulco logos on the menu, the windows and elsewhere, not to mention two telephone numbers (one answered Las Fuentes and one answered Tepatulco) the official name of this Lincoln Park Mexican spot is Las Fuentes. Here's the background: This Lincoln Park mainstay, which opened in the early 1980s, gave itself a makeover and changed its name to Tepatulco in 2007 when chef-about-town Generoso (a.k.a Geno) Bahena was manning the stoves. (He's since departed.) The menu is now a hybrid of the more casual Mexican fare Las Fuentes was always known for, including enchiladas, burritos and tacos, but also features popular items from the Tepatulco menu such as grilled duck breast in green pumpkinseed mole and New Zealand rack of lamb with Oaxacan mole negro. The latest incarnation of Las Fuentes looks similar to Tepatulco, but owners ditched the white tablecloths and installed new artwork alongside some holdover pieces from Tepatulco. The spacious rear patio is a great place to enjoy nachos Azteca and a margarita when the weather's nice.