Kohl Children's Museum

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The suburban museum raises "let's pretend" to an art form. More than a dozen attractive, detailed, hands-on exhibits in a roomy yet intimate space give youngsters all sorts of ways to use their imaginations. The Hands-On House features a child-sized structure where kids can rearrange walls, tile the roof and plant a soft-sculpture garden with the help of a system of buckets and pulleys to move rocks and supplies. Kids can shop or play cashier in the fully stocked supermarket complete with shopping carts, care for stuffed animals in the Pet Vet, or create their own symphonies in the Music Makers area. Habitat park, a two-acre, outdoor exhibit, showcases landscaped gardens, winding paths, interactive sculptures and indigenous plant and animal life. Other exhibits encourage kids to play with water, build with Duplo blocks and learn about other cultures.