Kitty O'Shea's

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Some might be surprised to find such an authentic pub tucked inside a hotel (the Chicago Hilton and Towers), but Kitty O'Shea's is sure to meet the approval of Irishmen, whether they be from County Cork or County Cook. Most staffers are Emerald Isle natives and seem to have sworn to keep this restaurant and bar as authentic as possible; customers can even pick up an Irish/American daily newspaper at a paper box near the entrance. Take note of the decor: walls covered in Irish pub signs, travel posters and landscapes; a beautiful collection of Irish porcelain behind the bar; a back wall with a couple dozen shillelaghs commemorating noteworthy Chicagoans of Irish descent. The menu offers Irish cuisine--lamb stew, shepherd's pie, fish and chips--but there are American-style cheese stix and chicken wings as well. Plush, pub-style seats make departure as difficult as a few pints too many.