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The Chicago location of the Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, cabaret/restaurant features its own roster of divas: female impersonators who dress as iconic performers and lip-synch their top tunes while strolling through the audience.�Kit Kat's a�favorite with bachelorette parties because the divas are as much a focus as the drinks. The lounge features a�robust martini menu�of around 70 concoctions, including the Angel martini garnished with a cherry speared with a white feather. The bright interior--an homage to the supper clubs of the '40s and '50s--boasts�green mosaic tiles on the bar and on the floor,�off-white booths and leopard and snake print vinyl chairs, and large projection screens on the wall that show art slideshows, movies and TV depending on the night's entertainment schedule. In addition to the martini menu, you can dine on an�eclectic contemporary American menu, which includes�the house specialty Big Daddy Buffalo Shrimp.