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Pretzels are part of almost every dish at Kim and Scott Holstein's Lincoln Park eatery, which is located just a few blocks from where the couple started their baked pretzel business, Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels, in the mid-'90s. The casual bakery and cafe serves salads topped with pretzel croutons; pretzel bun sliders, pretzel bread paninis� and savory soft pretzel tuna salad, egg and cheese and other sandwiches. Got a DIY streak? Twist and decorate your own pretzel and have it baked on the spot. If you�re in a rush, grab a pre-baked pretzel to go. Other snacks include smoothies, a dark chocolate-covered, sea salt-seasoned fro-yo dessert bar on a pretzel stick and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies--each topped, of course, with a small pretzel.