Dollop Coffee & Tea

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Formerly known as Kickstand Espresso Bar, this coffee shop was renamed in 2013. Owner Dan Weiss takes pride in what he calls "serious coffee," so if you're the sort to geek out over intricate latte art--think swirls, hearts, rosettes-—this Metropolis-brewing Lakeview coffeehouse is for you. The staff is expertly trained in drink mixing and shot making, and the iconic artwork and century-old vintage soda crates that form the counter take the too-cool-for-school factor to the next level. Dollop carries baked goods from Fritz Pastries, beans from Metropolis and grab-and-go goodies from Southport Grocery & Cafe. If you'd like to pull up a chair and stay awhile, free WiFi and laid-back community office vibe set the stage.